Blue Nun Red

Blue Nun Red

Production Notes:

Blue Nun is one of the world’s best known wine brands, made in the Rhine Valley in Germany since 1921. Today Blue Nun is produced by F W Langguth, one of Germany’s major wine and spirits companies. Blue Nun alcohol free wines are now available in Australia for the first time. These wines are produced using temperature controlled fermentation, which results in remarkable outcomes in taste, aroma and smoothness plus a fruity aftertaste.

Winemaker Comments:

Blue Nun Alcohol free Red Wine is soft, smooth and fruity with a pleasant after taste. It is made with full ripened Tempranillo grapes and contains around 0.1% alcohol by volume.

Blue Nun alcohol free wines are sold in cases of 6 bottles.

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Sensory Description
Colour A blush red
Taste Soft & Fruity red wine is a smooth and fruity with a pleasant after taste
Total Acidity 6.0g/l
Composition Made of top quality full-ripened Tempranillo grapes
Alcohol 0.1% abv
Residual Sugar 10.5g
Available Sizes 750 ml screw top
Serving Size 8 fl oz/240ml
Nutrition 51 calories per 240 ml serve / 13.0 g carbs / fat free
Tasting Notes
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