Bakalář Dry hopped lager

Brewmaster Comments:

Tradiční Pivovar v Rakovníku is one of the few independent traditional breweries in the Czech Republic. It brews its beers according to the traditional double-mashed technology.


Bakalář Dry Hopped non-alcoholic lager is the only dry hopped non-alcoholic lager. Its flavour is accentuated by hop aroma which gives unmistakable and irreplaceable smell and taste to this non-alcoholic beer.


Their brewers use only the highest raw materials of Czech origin namely, Czech malts, Saaz hops and water from its own deep wells.


The beers have the right to mark its products with the protected geographical indication of Czech beer.


In 2016 Bakalar non-alcoholic beer again won the title Beer of the Czech Republic.


Bakalář Dry Hopped non-alcoholic lager contains 24 calories per 100ml serve and less than 0.5% ABV. They are sold in 330ml bottles


Sensory Description

Colour Clear golden colour, white head
Taste Bakalář Dry Hopped non-alcoholic lager is slightly bitter, yet with a refreshing palate. Mild bitter hops and slight grassy aroma


Composition Czech barley malt and yeast, hop of Saaz, water from their own artesian wells.
Alcohol Less than 0.5% abv
Residual Sugar 11.4 g/100 ml
Available Sizes Cases of 24 x 330ml bottles in packs of 6


Serving Size 250 ml glass
Nutrition 24 calories / 100 kjs /11.4 carbs

Tasting Notes

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