Your Questions Answered

Why do people drink non-alcoholic wine / beer / spirits?

For the same reason people drink traditional alcoholic beverages: to enjoy the pleasure and nuances of a fermented adult beverage for a range of occasions, and celebration with family and friends.

Are these wines like grape juice?

Non alcoholic wines sources by ClearMind are fermented wines that use traditional winemaking methods, premium varietal grapes then the alcohol is removed at the final stages. This allows the consumer to enjoy the pleasure and nuance of a fermented high quality wine without the alcohol.

What about the beers?

  • uNN alkoholfrei IPA is not de-alcoholised, the brewer uses a special yeast that can only ferment very few of the sugars and stops just before 0.4%ABV is reached.
  • Bakalar is a traditional Czech lager uses a gentle vacuum based process to remove 99.5% of the alcohol.

What about the spirits?

Palermo non-alcoholic aperitifs are also not de-alcoholised. They are water
based with the addition of vermouth aromas and sugars created by Bardinet’s master blender perfected over 30 years.

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