Domaine de la Prade Premium Organic Non-Alcoholic Merlot Shiraz

Production Notes:

From Oddbird International in Gothenburg, Sweden comes a collaboration with renowned champagne connoisseur and wine critic, Richard Juhlin. Richard has created Domaine de la Prade, a non-alcoholic organic wine produced in collaboration with organic (EU certified) vineyards in southern France.

Winemaker Comments:

Domine de la Prade blends smooth toffee-rich Merlot grapes and crisp Shiraz, with balanced notes of blackberry and tart cherries.

Made from organically grown grapes, and carefully de-alcoholised to preserve the natural aromas and character, this non alcoholic red is produced in co-operation with certified vineyards in Southern France. The result is an elegantly balanced wine with vibrant colour, fragrant bouquet and a lingering freshness.

An excellent organic non alcoholic red wine with 0.0% Alcohol by Volume.

Download Tasting Notes

Colour      Dark red wine colour
Taste Balanced notes of blackberry, toffee and tart cherries
Composition De-alcoholised wine, sugar, carbon dioxide, preservative (sulphites)
Alcohol 0.0% ABV
Residual Sugar 4.0 g/100 ml
Drinking Temperature 15-18′ C
Available Sizes 750ml screw top bottle
Serving Size 250 ml glass
Nutrition 18 calories / 79 kjs / 4.0 carbs

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