Road Runner Premium Non-Alcoholic Coffee Stout

Production Notes:

From master craft brewer, Oliver Wesseloh in Hamburg creator of the sensational ü.NN IPA alkoholfrei comes Road Runner, a premium non-alcoholic coffee stout.

Road Runner is a perfect fusion of non- alcoholic beer and coffee, with beans sourced directly from the coffee growers and roasted in Hamburg.

The alcohol is not removed. A special yeast is used that can only ferment very few of the sugars that are available in a regular beer wort.

Road Runner initially ferments like a regular yeast but then runs out of food just before it has produced 0.4% ABV. It is also unfiltered. Road Runner has an aroma that is malty with a light acid and deep chocolate, blended with a good background of coffee. Best enjoyed at 12° C.

This Coffee Stout alkoholfrei contains 32 kcal, 3.4 g of sugars and 6.8 carbs per 100ml. It comes in 330ml bottles in cases of 24 bottles with 4×6 packs.

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