Santa Digna Premium De-alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc by Miguel Torres Chile 2019

Production Notes:

Santa Digna de-alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc is created in the Valle Central region of Chile by Miguel Torres Chile. Santa Digna de-alcoholised wine is the worlds first wine to be branded as Fair Trade.

Santa Digna is the name of the crosses at the end of a property in Spain. These served to delineate territories and symbolised fortune and protection for those who left for remote countries. They were used to name the first property the vineyards and home of the first property in Chile.

The image preserves part of the identity of Miguel Torres in Chile, a fusion of prosperity with the simplicity of the Chilean project, and reflects the union of its origins (cross of prosperity) with the Andean cross of Latin America in thanks to the continent and the culture that has embraced Miguel Torres for more than 30 years.

Winemaker Comments:

Exhibits a fresh colour of light gold and a symphony of aromas that bring to mind ripening tropical fruits over a base of apples and fennel. The palate is silky with a good acidic structure. The de-alcoholisation process only extracts alcohol maintaining all the flavour and aroma of the wine. Suitable for Vegans.

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Colour A fresh colour of light gold
Taste The palate is silky with a good acidic structure
Total Acidity
Composition 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes
Alcohol Less than 0.5% abv
pH 2.8
Residual Sugar 4.8 g p/100 mls
Drinking Temperature Serve at 7-9°C
Cellaring Store in a cool dry place away from direct light. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within five days
Available Sizes 750 ml screw top bottle in cases of 6 bottles
Nutrition 33 KCAL per 100 ml serve /5.2 carbs /0.0 fat

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