ü.NN Premium Non-Alcoholic IPA - India Pale Ale

Production Notes:

The alcohol is not removed for the ü.NN. A special yeast is used that can only ferment very few of the sugars that are available in a regular beer wort. ü.NN will start fermenting like a regular yeast but runs out of food just before it has produced 0.4% abv. After that the yeast is still alive and available for maturation. Therefore we can produce our ü.NN non-alcoholic IPA exactly the same way as our other beers without any technological tricks – a full brewing process, dry-hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic, but no alcohol and unfiltered.

The beer smells surprisingly fruity with hints of mango, lime and pineapple. It pours with a good head. It is a nice golden colour and cloudy, – looks great in a glass! It is not overly hoppy and is strong on bitterness, with a hint of the fruitiness that was evident on the nose. It’s not watery at all and has a lasting finish.

In the 18th century British brewers exported pale ales to India. They became popular among East India Traders and consumers who regarded them highly. These pales ales became known as India Pale Ale.

Winner: Gold medal – 2018, Silver Medal – 2019, European Beer Star, category: alcohol free top fermented, Germany. Silver medal – 2017, Alkoholfrei IPA, Meininger International Craft Beer Awards, Germany.

Brewmaster Comments:

From master craft brewer, Oliver Wesseloh in Hamburg comes ü.NN IPA alkoholfrei the first German non-alcoholic IPA. A dry hopped non-alcoholic India Pale Ale that has the traditional light and refreshing character of IPA. Furthermore, Oliver is always trying to rethink new and old beer styles and put a new twist to them. Hence Kehrwieder was the first brewery in Germany to brew a dry hopped lager. Brewed using the highly fruity aroma hops Simcoe & Mosaic and with a special yeast the result is a full IPA flavour, but without the alcohol. ü.NN alkoholfrei IPA has a IBU level of Bitter 45.

ü.NN stands for über Normal Null meaning above sea level on the side of ships reflecting this beer’s origins in the port town of Hamburg in Germany.

Kehrwieder translates into come back and has been used as a farewell by the seafarer families when they left to the high sea.

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Color Clear deep golden amber colour
Bouquet   Hop aroma of mango, pineapple and lime
Taste A fine dark orange, unfiltered, white head with mandarin, green leaves very aromatic with a good sweetness-bitterness balance
Composition Water, Tennen & Caramel barley malt, Simcoe & Mosaic hops, yeast, contains gluten
Alcohol Less than 0,4% ABV
Residual Sugar   3.4 g
Drinking Temperature  7 ° c
Available Sizes Cases of 24 x 330 ml crown capped bottles with 4x6 packs
Nutrition 136 kj/32 grams per 100 ml serve / 6.8 carbs /0.0 fat

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